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Science Driven Air Purification.

Recessed Mounted.

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Paint the walls with UV-C

Wall Mounted.



Backed by science

Raytracing Analysis

Using a highly sophisticated UV-C raytracing software, we are able to quickly design and validate all of our UV-C products and custom solutions.

verified with industry leading software

CFD Simulation

In combination with our validated UV-C irradiance, we use industry leading simulation software to compute our dwell time for our air purifiers.

By combining raytracing analysis and CFD simulation, we are able to create validated UV-C disinfection solutions that deactivate harmful pathogens at certain log reductions as prescribed by the peer-review literature.

evidence based uv-c disinfection

At Cognituv, we design the most affordable and effective germicidal UV-C products based on our combined experience with radiation dosing, CFD / raytracing analysis, industrial control automation, mechanical design, and electrical ruggedization.