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Recent Deployments: New Braunfels ER hospital

Reduced Risk at New Braunfels Hospital with 2x2 UV-C Technology

At New Braunfels Hospital, we are proud to have elevated the standards of cleanliness and air quality with our state-of-the-art 2x2 UV-C air purification units. Our commitment to fostering a safer, healthier environment for both patients and staff has led to the installation these advanced systems throughout the facility.

Each 2x2 unit is equipped with PCOR technology, a sophisticated photo-catalytic oxidation process that actively purifies the air. This innovative approach not only eliminates harmful pathogens but also neutralizes odors, ensuring the air remains fresh and clean. Our installation strategy was meticulously planned to maximize coverage, positioning each unit strategically to circulate purified air efficiently in high-traffic areas.



Cognituv manufactures IoT enabled UV-C products and solutions for HVAC systems that result in cost savings, increased equipment lifespan, and better overall building IAQ and public health.

Intelligent uv-c disinfection Solutions

At Cognituv, we provide evidence-based intelligent UV-C disinfection solutions to enable outcome-based success. We partner with facility & safety managers, engineers and controls providers to continuously enhance operations to achieve ESG goals for their stakeholders.

Everyday we strive to shape industry policies for Ideal Health and sustainable infrastructure.

Our core services, designed to meet the diverse needs of the North American market from our base in Spicewood, TX, include:

•       Custom Design solutions for unique disinfection requirements.

 •   Manufacturing ready to install Engineered Products.

•   Measurement & Verification (M&V) Hardware and Software: Operational Control, Sensing, Monitoring, and Validating measurable impacts of our solutions for your need.

Energy savings, Water efficiency, Food Safety, Chemical Reduction, Corrosion Resistance, Mold remediation, Surface Disinfection, and IAQ

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