The MASS is an upper air disinfection unit that utilizes a high-output low-pressure mercury UV-C lamp. The MASS is used for creating a pathogen protection barrier to be placed above the doors of rooms with contamination control or even for the treatment of air upper layers in the environment and in closed premises.

The use of the MASS allows an intensive air disinfection, essential in all health and pharmaceutical environments, where it is necessary to operate in optimal microbiological conditions. In the health sector, it is recommended to create a decontamination area between two different areas, especially if one of them is to be kept under strict microbiological control. The mold spores and bacteria, freely circulating among spaces, are destroyed by the UV-C light. 

Traditional cleaning methods are insufficient to ensure high levels of hygiene; which can only be achieved with the use of UV-C technology. 

The MASS can come with a 40 W lamp or a 90 W Lamp. The 40 W version is shorter than the 90 W, so it is only recommended for smaller spaces.

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Lamps & Accessories Used in MASS-90