The CGUV-SENSE: Advanced UVC Radiation Sensor for Optimized Disinfection and Preventative Maintenance. This sensor, integral to the Cognituv Connect system, is engineered for commercial environments to monitor UV radiation effectively. It precisely measures UV intensity, providing essential real-time validation to prevent harmful overexposure effects.

Crucially, the CGUV-SENSE serves as a continuous monitoring tool, enhancing preventative maintenance by tracking the efficiency of UV-C lamps used in disinfection solutions. Over time, these lamps may diminish in performance; the sensor's real-time data enables proactive maintenance or replacement, ensuring consistently optimal UV-C effectiveness. Powered by a long-lasting 8500mAh Li-SOCI2 battery, it offers up to five years of reliable operation.

Use Case Applications:

Disinfection Monitoring: Validates that surfaces and air are sufficiently disinfected with UV-C light, crucial for germ and bacteria control in various settings.

Product Safety Assurance: In food and other industries, the sensor ensures UV-C light maintains safe levels, detecting harmful bacteria and contaminants, thus guaranteeing product safety and consumer health.

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