Maximize Disinfection with the Compact Barricade: Inline UV-C Solution for Specialized Areas.

This versatile device, available in both stainless steel and anodized aluminum, ranges from 50 to 160 cm in lamp length. Equipped with an IP55-rated body, the Barricade features a specialized ballast enhancing lamp efficiency and longevity. Its unique design, including a choice of parabolic or standard reflectors, intensifies UV-C germicidal irradiation, targeting surfaces effectively. Ideal for challenging conditions with high humidity and temperature variations, its durable construction ensures reliable performance. The Barricade's sleek design allows for effective disinfection in tight spaces, including coil fins and filter textures. Easy to install, it supports serial connections of over 10 devices with a single power supply, simplifying setup for comprehensive coverage.

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Lamps & Accessories Used in BARRICADE-40A