Recessed Mounted High-Performance Air Purifier

The OVERWATCH 2x2 allows for a Continuous, Quiet, Safe, Air Disinfection of Viruses,
Bacteria, and pathogens with a coverage area of 1100 square feet, and the minimalistic nature of this product integrate into your space quietly.

The unit comes with a washable pre-filter for capturing larger dust particles, and either a HEPA H13 Filter or MERV 8 Filter.

    The 2x2 is powered with a total fan power of 220 CFM with a quiet operation of 47dB at the highest speed.

    The 2x2 utilizes 2 - High Output 60W 253.7nm UV-C Lamps in combination with highly reflective and scattering chambers for maximal germicidal effectiveness; along with our PCOR technology, the 2x2 reduces the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) count in the air while deodorizing the air.

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    Lamps & Accessories Used in OVERWATCH-2X2